Our Green Commitment

We are committed to ‘reduce our carbon footprint’ not only by using organic hair products, but also by lowering our energy consumption.

Our salon was purposely designed and built to reduce energy waste as much as possible. Our mechanical systems are all energy efficient: HVAC, hot water tank, washer and dryer. The lighting was designed and built with LED powered fixtures. The emergency lighting is LED system, as well.

We have reused materials throughout the entire construction, forming, back framing, etc. The reception desk and long corridor bench were built from leftover structural wood and steel. All walls are well insulated and the precast walls come with insulation built inside the panels.

The concrete waste was recycled and excavated soil re purposed. We are proud to say that after all construction; we only sent two construction vans with excess materials to garbage collection. We have incorporated existing building features: concrete walls, structural steel into our design and avoided to waste more construction materials. Porcelain, glass and stone tiles used, are recyclable products as well.

Our salon was painted with 0% VOC paint from Sherwin Williams.